Do You Own A Restaurant Or Other Food Facility?

For those of us in the food industry we know that first impressions are everything! So when it comes time for you to start setting up your menu's you might want to start looking into menu covers. These very simple, yet very ingenious restaurant covers are going to be a superb option for your menu because of the mere presence of them. But, more importantly, these menu sleeves are also a really great way to keep your original plastic or paper menus of the utmost quality. This means saving you money. Menus aren't the cheapest thing in the world to create; first you have to find the right material, the right font, the right printer, etc.

By the time you come up with your actual menu, you may have spent anywhere between $2.00 per menu on up to $10.00 depending on how unique your colors and design in. So when it comes to those menus you want to "protect" them as much as you can from spills, oily residue, and food. This is where the menu sleeves really come in handy! You can find these menu covers in an array of sizes and shapes depending on what your menu looks like as well - something for everyone! Save your investment (both time and money) when it comes to these menus.

Also, you can try genuine leather check covers as well. These genuine leather check covers are also all about presentation and can be customized with just about any color you want along with your logo or restaurant on the front cover. These will also include a section to place the receipt, credit card or money, as well as a pen to sign the receipt with. This also gives a certain sense of organization and safety as well because everything isn't sitting out on the table for all to see!


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