Enhance Your Office Space with Personalized Desk Blotters and More!

I suppose there are two ways to decorate your office. Some managers shop at those impersonal discount stores and load up on cheap accessories – it’s a great way to make your workspace look like every other workspace. And when your faux-leather desk blotter starts cracking and peeling after several weeks on the job, I guess that’s just the icing on the cake.

When I was furnishing my office, I decided to do it right. I went to www.ShildCompany.com, where I could shop for luxury supplies and even customize them to include the company logo – it really helped my employees feel proud of their workspace!

I bought a leather desk blotter for every workstation, in addition to leather coasters for the conference room, which seem to really impress visiting clients.

With all these great office supplies, you’d think that was all The Shild Company does – but I was checking out the company website, and I learned that Shild offers a host of other products, from leather placemats and menu covers for restaurants to leather 3 ring binders for hotels.


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