Real BBQ Deserves Leather Menu Covers, Leather Coasters, Leather placemats, Leather Everything!

Now I’m a native Texan. When I moved up here few years back, I wanted to bring these Yankees some real Texan BB-Q. And I’ll tell you what, I done a pretty darn good job. Key’s my grampappy’s sauce. Heheh, I bet you’d love to know it too, but you cain’t because if I gave it to ya, you’d put me out of business.

But anyways, I decided I wanted to run a real upscale kind of place, you see? No paper placemats or nothing like that. I know it’s barbeque and it can get real messy, but that don’t mean you can’t have a luxurious clean up.

I wanted to give my patrons a lot of leather, you know, to make em feel like they was in cattle country. So I find this here, and can you believe it, these fellers got all the leather products I needed. I bought leather menu covers, leather coasters, leather placemats, all the leather accessories I could find. And plus they got some wood menu covers too, which is real nice for the desert menus, because we typically don’t think of leather and desert together, but still wanted to preserve that there Western feel. So business is still boomin! I tell you, it’s because of all the leather. So if you want some real nice leather menu covers, leather placemats, the whole she-bang, you go to and they’ll help you out there.

Choosing Proper Office Supplies: Leather 3 Ring Binders

If you are setting up a home office, you might wonder what kind of supplies you will need to make yourself feel at home.

  • Well, one of the first things that any respectable office needs is a set of leather 3 ring binders to keep all the important documents in one place.
  • Aside from that, you will also need a desk blotter to keep your desk safe from ink and other spills.
  • Leather coasters are also beneficial, especially if you frequently have clients who visit the office.
  • A nice plastic trash can is also essential - you can be sure there will be plenty of waste as you are working on your most creative ideas.
  • For the office user who needs to make notes for himself, a notepad holder is also key, as you will keep all of your important notes to yourself in one place and easy to access.

And if I’m running a restaurant?

  • Menu covers are a must, as are leather placemats, since they are easier to wipe down and much more environmentally friendly than paper placemats which get thrown away. If you think about how many tables your restaurant has and how many times the tables get turned over, I'm sure you can begin to see why this is the better alternative!

Keeping all of this together can be a bit of a hassle, so you should consider which types of covers and placemats you want for your business, before you make an actual decision!

Menu Covers for Your Coffee Shop

People expect certain levels of service and ambiance when they come into a coffee shop. Even if you think you serve the best coffee and danishes in town, you better believe that part of the reason your customers keep coming back are the friendly faces, the comfy chairs, the tasteful art on the walls, and — believe it or not — the menu covers.

That's right. Even casual food and drink establishments like coffee shops can benefit from professionally crafted menu covers, which will not only protect menus from coffee spills and sticky fingers, but will also make the place look more professional to visitors. After all, how are you going to get your customers to stop ordering the same old thing unless you showcase their options?

To really jazz up your coffee shop, you could consider investing in some quality accessories like leather placemats and coasters. If these match the rest of your decor, they might be just what you need to elevate your café to the next level. At the same time, if leather doesn't fit, don't be afraid to experiment with other materials until you find the perfect accessories.

Essential Restaurant Supplies And Menu Covers That You Must Buy For Your Business!

It really doesn't matter if your business is a restaurant or not, having the right supplies on hand, is going to make all the difference in the world. Not only are these items going to be for convenience and sanitary reasons, but they will also make your guests feel more welcome and comfortable in your business. For something like a restaurant - you might want to consider a few options in order to give it a more classy feel. One of these options is menu covers - covers (plastic inlays), that you can put your menus in.

These come in an array of cover styles such as 1 page or four page, different types of material such as leather and fabric, and can be emblazoned with your logo or restaurant name. It not only gives your restaurant and menu a certain feel, but it also keeps the menu from getting dirty with food and drinks. Speaking about leather, you can also check out leather place mats and leather coasters - this is really nice if you want to go with a themed restaurant or bar.

I'm thinking something like a Cigar Lounge - great food, great liquor, good cigars and lots of nice grained leather items! On the other hand, if your business isn't a restaurant, you should also consider convenience items like a desk blotter, notepad holder, leather 3 ring binders and plastic trash can options. A desk blotter is a really good idea for home and individual use as well because of the organization that it can bring to your desk and we have it all under one roof at!