What Designs Can I Get For My Menus Covers And Check Covers?

If you have decided it's time to get menu covers and check covers or you have gotten to the part of your business plan where it's time to start shopping for presentation items, it’s time for you to pat yourself on the back for making a decision into a great investment. Now most of us that go to restaurants on a weekly or daily basis, know that these restaurant covers and check covers come an array of colors and menu designs. So, what exactly are your options as far as texture, material, colors and designs go?

You can basically have any style you want. Obviously it's going to depend on where you get the check covers and menu sleeves at, but for the most part you can choose from a variety of options for both. I really like the genuine leather check covers, I think this just gives an overall sense of professionalism and presentation when it comes to giving your diners or patrons the check instead of just laying it on the table. These come in various colors such as black (most popular) green, gold yellow, red, white, etc.

You can also design these however you see fit as well. Maybe you just want a solid color, that's fine. Or maybe you want to jazz it up a little bit and add your restaurant name or the logo for your restaurant - you can this as well! While genuine leather check covers and menu sleeves are not a new invention, they are without a doubt something you should incorporate into your business!


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