With Menu Covers Presentation Is Everything!

Just like going on your first date, or going to a job interview, having a patron sit down at your table for the first, second or tenth time is ALL about presentation. You got the lights, the decor, the atmosphere down pat, and out comes the waitress with two menus - both of which are covered in splotches of old grease and spaghetti sauce. Is this really the first impression you want to give people? I hope not! And that my friend is exactly what these menu covers are for. They keep your menus from getting dog eared and crinkled, but they also keep food and drinks off of them as well.

We would love to say our world is a perfect one, but unfortunately it just isn't, so it's important that as a restaurant, deli, or other food facility - that you take all the safety precautions necessary in keeping your investment up to par! This is even more important when it comes to menus that are more than one page - because we ALL know how much menu costs can get! So why not bring in a sense of comfort and also leave a lasting impression with something as easy as restaurant covers? All you have to do is simply insert the menu into the menu sleeves and you are ready to go!

Another great and very nice lasting impression component you should consider is genuine leather check covers. Not only are these nice to look at, but they also will include your logo or restaurant name, as well as all those necessary elements such as a check, credit card or cash "holder", pen holder and receipt holder. This is more about being organized, it's about being professional as well!


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