On the Road – How Leather 3 Ring Binders Made Me Feel More At Home

I’m on the road a lot for work, and my company always puts me up in a hotel whenever I travel. The facilities are always very nice – high thread-count sheets, complimentary bathrobes, and a fully-stocked mini bar – but, I’ll be honest, no mini bar can ever make me forget that I’m hundreds of miles away from my family and friends.

What I like are hotels that feel like home, not just homey but welcoming – a place where I know I’m being taken care of. I love when I stay in a room with leather 3 ring binders filled with details on the hotel amenities, as well as local activities. When everything from the notepad holder to the plastic trash can is personalized with that thoughtful touch that lets me know the management didn’t just run out to Target.

At the last really nice hotel I stayed at, I asked the owner where people in the industry stock up on such deluxe décor items, and he told me that everyone who’s anyone in hospitality knows about www.ShildCompany.com, the premier source for in-room items.


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