How much wood menu covers would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood menu covers?

You know what I like most about those steak restaurants? Well… sure, the steak, but what else? I love the décor. Especially when it’s got that manly-man kinda wild-wild-west feel into it. Call me sleazy, but sometimes I care about the way a restaurant looks even more than I care about the food. Let's say that I judge a place by it's menu cover. I mean, I got great food back at my place and believe me – I can cook! So when I go out for dinner, I want the nine yards, the whole shebang baby!

A steak restaurant can really buy me cheap with wooden menu covers. Wow! Talk about rustic. I hate to order a steak from a fancy-shmancy French menu where I can’t understand whether I’m gonna eat the best part of the cow, or the rear part of the cow… if you know what I mean. No sir, when I’ll open my very own steak restaurant, I will want my customers to drool when they see my menu.

And I’m telling you, there’s even more to it than wood menus. Say you’d want to create an industrial kind of atmosphere, like modern mood and such then you can choose a Metal Menu cover made of any kind of metal imaginable. They got rustic copper, aluminum or brass, and they all make me, the customer, a lot more hungry and satisfied.

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