Want to Modernize Your Restaurant? Upgrade to Metal Menu Covers

For the past 13 years, I’ve been running a successful pizza and Italian takeout spot. Over the years, we’ve heard a lot of feedback from customers about how they love the food, but would love it even more if they had a nice place to sit down and eat it.

That’s when I knew by not serving our food in a full-service setting we were missing out on some serious dough. So we decided to expand and there were tons of new things I had to upgrade in order to get my restaurant looking good, including new menus and menu covers.

The décor of the new place was really sleek and upscale looking, so I wanted my menus to match. Menu design is crucial because after the décor, it’s the next thing that the customer takes in. I decided to go with the Copper menu covers from Shildcompany.com which matched the restaurant atmosphere expertly. The wait staff is constantly hearing about how lovely the menu covers are. And they like them because they’re easy to keep clean and looking their best, which always gives the guest a good first impression.

All in all, my regulars and new customers alike were blown away by the new restaurant look. I highly recommend check out shildcompany.com and their fantastic selection of menu covers and more.


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