Three Ways to Change the Ambiance of Your Restaurant

No matter how great your food is, the factor that makes the biggest impression on most people is the comfort, décor, and overall ambiance of your restaurant. If you feel it’s time to freshen up and modernize your look, and can’t afford a full blown renovation, there are many little details you can change that can also have a strong impact on the guest. After all, the lasting impression is merely collection and retention of the little details, so starting small is the key to making that impression a good one.

Menus: Menu covers are almost as important the items in it. If you’re looking to modernize, going with sleek metal covers or luxurious leather is a great choice.

Placemats: There’s no better way to dress up the table setting than to include leather placemats. They not only protect your tabletops, but they give off an air of refinement and sophistication.

: Leather Coasters are also a great way to dress up the place settings at a table. Get rid of those wasteful cardboard coasters that get soggy and warp and opt for the elegant leather coasters. These not only look better, but are a little kinder on the environment because you don’t have to throw them away after each use.


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