Restaurant Menu Covers and Menu Design Tips

One of the most fundamental aspects of a restaurant is the menu. From the menu covers to the actual layout and design, a menu can most definitely make or break your business’ sales. Here are a few helpful pointers to consider when planning the layout and design of your new restaurant menus.

First off, you want to choose restaurant menu covers that compliment your restaurant and present the content in an attractive manner. You also want them to be durable and easy to clean. Presentation is huge in the restaurant industry, so take great care when choosing your menu covers.

As far as the inside goes, research has proven that a customer will look at the top right corner of a menu first. This would be a great place to put the items that are the most popular. From the top right, a diner’s eye usually travels toward the middle of the page, which is a great spot to put an expensive dish. Although people are less likely to purchase the high-end dish, by putting popular but slightly cheaper items around it, you can draw more attention to it and tempt diners to make the purchase.

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Cassie said...

Aside from the place, when a customer enters a restaurant, whether he/she likes it or not, that customer will take a look at your menu, and apparently your menu cover.. It's an important thing that the cover is neat and should match the theme of your restaurant..

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