The Importance of a Guest Check Presenter and Classy Leather Menu Covers

When I was in college, I waited tables and worked in bars for the majority of my scholastic years. It was incredibly hard work, and I hated (almost) every minute of it. When you work in the hospitality business, you really get a rare insight into how strange people are when it comes to restaurants and food. I noticed one of the most striking observations while I was working at a little café that sold “gourmet” hot sandwiches, salads and soups.

Menu covers and guest check presenters really make a difference when it comes to customer's impression of your business. At the café, there was nothing that you couldn’t make at home for half the price. Some customers were aware of that fact, despite the impeccable service. The kitchen consisted of a sandwich line and a wall of 3 microwaves, so they could heat up those overpriced sandwiches with fancy names. I always loved when a finicky, unsuspecting customer would hand me their sandwich and tell me to throw it on the grill for a bit longer.

I noticed how strange it was that my tips improved when the owners updated their menu covers to leather menu covers and had us put every check in a leather Guest Check presenter. By including these things in the ambiance, people really felt like they were somewhere fancy and not just another hole-in-the-wall sandwich place.

Improving Ambience=Larger Profit Margin

If you’re a hotel proprietor, and you want to add a touch of class to your rooms, it’s the little things that can make a big difference. For example, if you have desks in your rooms, leather desk blotters are the perfect way to make your guests feel like they are getting a bit of extra luxury during their stay.

Or maybe your hotel has a restaurant. Another small item that can greatly influence your guest’s perception of your hotel is leather menu covers. These seemingly minute details present to the guest the notion that quality is an inherent part of the service. The actual weight and feel of leather menu covers conveys a sense of luxury and propriety that allows you, as the owner, to step up your hotel’s level of class. That means more profit. Not just empty profit, but a justified profit, one that your guests won’t underestimate, and won’t feel jilted by.

From menu covers to leather desk blotters, to a quality guest check presenter, these details contribute to ambience, and ambience is a large part of an overall impression. If you feel like your hotel or restaurant could use an ambient makeover, visit

BBQ You Won't Forget

I reckon I make some a the meanest BBQ this side a the Mississippi. You better believe it pardner, cause ever since I left Texas, I ain’t seen these city folk make nuthin’ that compare. I gotta be real gentle with my ribs when they done cookin’, cause if I ain’t, they fall right off the bone, and you can’t go givin’ your customers ribs without the rib. That just ain’t right.

My sauce comes down to me from my great granpappy, Major Hogarth J. Arnold I. He was a leader of the Lone Star rebels, and in his spare time he made a sauce for bastin’ his meats. He used the finest hickory bark he could find. He’d mash that bark right up, throw in some water and some secret ingredients, and there he had it, a real special kind of sauce. Back in his day, restaurants didn’t even exist, let alone menu covers.

Me, I’m bringin’ a whole new era about. With leather menu covers and a guest check presenter that he could have hung around my grandmammy’s neck (God rest her soul) I’m takin’ big business outta the country and into the big city. I tell ya, my BBQ is the hot dangdest. If you don’t believe me, my menu covers should say enough.

Menu Covers You Can Dream About

Last night I went to a nice restaurant for a business dinner. As soon as we sat down, we began looking through our menus. The first thing I noticed was the restaurant menu covers. They were a beautiful brown color, lightly dimpled and branded in black with the name of the restaurant on the front. The edges were gilded and the leather slid against the grease of my hands, accepting my browsing with resignation. These restaurant menu covers, I decided, were the most delicious menu covers I had ever seen, and I knew that the meal would be comparably impressive.

On the inside of the menu covers were sleek sheets of plastic encasing the long cream colored menus, with romantically leaning black font. But what struck me most about these menu covers was their weight – they must have weight about three pounds. I balanced mine against the table, but it could have stood on its own. They were sturdy, solid menu covers that could have rode into battle and decimated any opposition.

My impression regarding the menu covers dictated my need for a meal as, if not more, substantial. When the waiter came around to order, I knew that a steak was the right choice.

Makin' Your Customers Feel The Best

When I wrote a blogette about menu covers a few weeks back, I was just getting started talkin’ bout my Bar-Be-Que restaurant. Now that spring time is here, business is pickin’ up, and the leather menu covers are holdin’ up real good. I’m thinkin’ of expanding pretty soon, you know, startin’ a little outpost in one of those new up and coming areas. did pretty good for me before, and I reckon if I do expand, I’m gonna head on back there to get my leather menu covers and a guest check presenter. It’s important for the customers to feel: that tactile sensation is a must have for any successful bar-be-que restaurant entrepreneur, or else you’re reduced to that cheap chain food feel, and my restaurant only serves the best.Restaurant menu covers oughta correspond to the type of food being served. And I’ll tell you, right now it does, and it’s goin’ to continue to do so for me and my restaurant.

So if you’re aspirin’ to that next level of quality, remember, it’s makin’ the customers feel like they’re gettin the best, even if they ain’t! Leather menu covers are the best way of doin’ so.

Restaurant Menu Covers and Menu Design Tips

One of the most fundamental aspects of a restaurant is the menu. From the menu covers to the actual layout and design, a menu can most definitely make or break your business’ sales. Here are a few helpful pointers to consider when planning the layout and design of your new restaurant menus.

First off, you want to choose restaurant menu covers that compliment your restaurant and present the content in an attractive manner. You also want them to be durable and easy to clean. Presentation is huge in the restaurant industry, so take great care when choosing your menu covers.

As far as the inside goes, research has proven that a customer will look at the top right corner of a menu first. This would be a great place to put the items that are the most popular. From the top right, a diner’s eye usually travels toward the middle of the page, which is a great spot to put an expensive dish. Although people are less likely to purchase the high-end dish, by putting popular but slightly cheaper items around it, you can draw more attention to it and tempt diners to make the purchase.

Remember that has a great selection of restaurant menu covers.

Some Great In-Room Items For a Bed-and-Breakfast

Something many aspiring entrepreneurs dream of doing is opening their own Bed-and-Breakfast.
There are many details that make a B & B successful.

One of the big ones is location. If you’re in the middle of nowhere, you may have less clientele than you would if you were somewhere a little more populous, somewhere tourists are interested in visiting.

Another key aspect for running a successful B & B is the quality of the hospitality. A main reason why some travelers seek out smaller, individually-owned places like B & B’s is that they provided a certain level of warm, authentic hospitality, and charm that you just don’t get at a cookie-cutter corporate hotel.

In addition to the location, and quality hospitality, the décor is very important. You should take pride in the larger details as well as the small ones within the guests’ room. The room is where most of the guests will spend the majority of their time, so it’s important that it’s looking its best. Invest in a nice room tray, a leather desk blotter, and things like leather notepad holders to add a slight air of refinement to your cozy atmosphere. By adding these items to the room, it reminds the guest that they’re staying at a serious business.

Three Ways to Change the Ambiance of Your Restaurant

No matter how great your food is, the factor that makes the biggest impression on most people is the comfort, décor, and overall ambiance of your restaurant. If you feel it’s time to freshen up and modernize your look, and can’t afford a full blown renovation, there are many little details you can change that can also have a strong impact on the guest. After all, the lasting impression is merely collection and retention of the little details, so starting small is the key to making that impression a good one.

Menus: Menu covers are almost as important the items in it. If you’re looking to modernize, going with sleek metal covers or luxurious leather is a great choice.

Placemats: There’s no better way to dress up the table setting than to include leather placemats. They not only protect your tabletops, but they give off an air of refinement and sophistication.

: Leather Coasters are also a great way to dress up the place settings at a table. Get rid of those wasteful cardboard coasters that get soggy and warp and opt for the elegant leather coasters. These not only look better, but are a little kinder on the environment because you don’t have to throw them away after each use.

Want to Modernize Your Restaurant? Upgrade to Metal Menu Covers

For the past 13 years, I’ve been running a successful pizza and Italian takeout spot. Over the years, we’ve heard a lot of feedback from customers about how they love the food, but would love it even more if they had a nice place to sit down and eat it.

That’s when I knew by not serving our food in a full-service setting we were missing out on some serious dough. So we decided to expand and there were tons of new things I had to upgrade in order to get my restaurant looking good, including new menus and menu covers.

The décor of the new place was really sleek and upscale looking, so I wanted my menus to match. Menu design is crucial because after the décor, it’s the next thing that the customer takes in. I decided to go with the Copper menu covers from which matched the restaurant atmosphere expertly. The wait staff is constantly hearing about how lovely the menu covers are. And they like them because they’re easy to keep clean and looking their best, which always gives the guest a good first impression.

All in all, my regulars and new customers alike were blown away by the new restaurant look. I highly recommend check out and their fantastic selection of menu covers and more.

Real BBQ Deserves Leather Menu Covers, Leather Coasters, Leather placemats, Leather Everything!

Now I’m a native Texan. When I moved up here few years back, I wanted to bring these Yankees some real Texan BB-Q. And I’ll tell you what, I done a pretty darn good job. Key’s my grampappy’s sauce. Heheh, I bet you’d love to know it too, but you cain’t because if I gave it to ya, you’d put me out of business.

But anyways, I decided I wanted to run a real upscale kind of place, you see? No paper placemats or nothing like that. I know it’s barbeque and it can get real messy, but that don’t mean you can’t have a luxurious clean up.

I wanted to give my patrons a lot of leather, you know, to make em feel like they was in cattle country. So I find this here, and can you believe it, these fellers got all the leather products I needed. I bought leather menu covers, leather coasters, leather placemats, all the leather accessories I could find. And plus they got some wood menu covers too, which is real nice for the desert menus, because we typically don’t think of leather and desert together, but still wanted to preserve that there Western feel. So business is still boomin! I tell you, it’s because of all the leather. So if you want some real nice leather menu covers, leather placemats, the whole she-bang, you go to and they’ll help you out there.

Choosing Proper Office Supplies: Leather 3 Ring Binders

If you are setting up a home office, you might wonder what kind of supplies you will need to make yourself feel at home.

  • Well, one of the first things that any respectable office needs is a set of leather 3 ring binders to keep all the important documents in one place.
  • Aside from that, you will also need a desk blotter to keep your desk safe from ink and other spills.
  • Leather coasters are also beneficial, especially if you frequently have clients who visit the office.
  • A nice plastic trash can is also essential - you can be sure there will be plenty of waste as you are working on your most creative ideas.
  • For the office user who needs to make notes for himself, a notepad holder is also key, as you will keep all of your important notes to yourself in one place and easy to access.

And if I’m running a restaurant?

  • Menu covers are a must, as are leather placemats, since they are easier to wipe down and much more environmentally friendly than paper placemats which get thrown away. If you think about how many tables your restaurant has and how many times the tables get turned over, I'm sure you can begin to see why this is the better alternative!

Keeping all of this together can be a bit of a hassle, so you should consider which types of covers and placemats you want for your business, before you make an actual decision!

Menu Covers for Your Coffee Shop

People expect certain levels of service and ambiance when they come into a coffee shop. Even if you think you serve the best coffee and danishes in town, you better believe that part of the reason your customers keep coming back are the friendly faces, the comfy chairs, the tasteful art on the walls, and — believe it or not — the menu covers.

That's right. Even casual food and drink establishments like coffee shops can benefit from professionally crafted menu covers, which will not only protect menus from coffee spills and sticky fingers, but will also make the place look more professional to visitors. After all, how are you going to get your customers to stop ordering the same old thing unless you showcase their options?

To really jazz up your coffee shop, you could consider investing in some quality accessories like leather placemats and coasters. If these match the rest of your decor, they might be just what you need to elevate your café to the next level. At the same time, if leather doesn't fit, don't be afraid to experiment with other materials until you find the perfect accessories.

Essential Restaurant Supplies And Menu Covers That You Must Buy For Your Business!

It really doesn't matter if your business is a restaurant or not, having the right supplies on hand, is going to make all the difference in the world. Not only are these items going to be for convenience and sanitary reasons, but they will also make your guests feel more welcome and comfortable in your business. For something like a restaurant - you might want to consider a few options in order to give it a more classy feel. One of these options is menu covers - covers (plastic inlays), that you can put your menus in.

These come in an array of cover styles such as 1 page or four page, different types of material such as leather and fabric, and can be emblazoned with your logo or restaurant name. It not only gives your restaurant and menu a certain feel, but it also keeps the menu from getting dirty with food and drinks. Speaking about leather, you can also check out leather place mats and leather coasters - this is really nice if you want to go with a themed restaurant or bar.

I'm thinking something like a Cigar Lounge - great food, great liquor, good cigars and lots of nice grained leather items! On the other hand, if your business isn't a restaurant, you should also consider convenience items like a desk blotter, notepad holder, leather 3 ring binders and plastic trash can options. A desk blotter is a really good idea for home and individual use as well because of the organization that it can bring to your desk and we have it all under one roof at!

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Restaurant Covers!

For all the people out there that are running restaurants, and want to find out more about what menu covers are, how they work and what the benefits of them are - you have come to the right place! First off, a menu cover or menu sleeves, are simply a piece of material of your choice (plastic, leather, metal, wood or fabric) that you can place your menu into. These are about a few different aspects concerning your business. First off, they keep the menus clean and they keep them in the best quality possible. Without these menu sleeves your menu can get quite dingy as well as scratched, ripped, dog eared and crinkled.

This isn't a very good thing, especially if you try to keep your menus looking pristine because now you have to go and spend even more money buying MORE menus. Second off, it’s about presentation. Menus just look nicer when they have a nice little object to present them in. And lastly because of these menu covers, you can ensure that your business will also seem more professional by looks alone - all of these aspects are also great benefits as well. In fact, as far as menu covers and genuine leather check covers go, I can really only think of one disadvantage, and that is the fact that these covers can oftentimes get grungy.

That's not really the fault of your restaurant covers though - these are shielding your menus from foods and spills so they have to go somewhere! The main thing you need to do for this disadvantage, is simply to make sure someone is designated to clean these restaurant covers at least once or twice a week! That's a pretty easy fix!

What Designs Can I Get For My Menus Covers And Check Covers?

If you have decided it's time to get menu covers and check covers or you have gotten to the part of your business plan where it's time to start shopping for presentation items, it’s time for you to pat yourself on the back for making a decision into a great investment. Now most of us that go to restaurants on a weekly or daily basis, know that these restaurant covers and check covers come an array of colors and menu designs. So, what exactly are your options as far as texture, material, colors and designs go?

You can basically have any style you want. Obviously it's going to depend on where you get the check covers and menu sleeves at, but for the most part you can choose from a variety of options for both. I really like the genuine leather check covers, I think this just gives an overall sense of professionalism and presentation when it comes to giving your diners or patrons the check instead of just laying it on the table. These come in various colors such as black (most popular) green, gold yellow, red, white, etc.

You can also design these however you see fit as well. Maybe you just want a solid color, that's fine. Or maybe you want to jazz it up a little bit and add your restaurant name or the logo for your restaurant - you can this as well! While genuine leather check covers and menu sleeves are not a new invention, they are without a doubt something you should incorporate into your business!

With Menu Covers Presentation Is Everything!

Just like going on your first date, or going to a job interview, having a patron sit down at your table for the first, second or tenth time is ALL about presentation. You got the lights, the decor, the atmosphere down pat, and out comes the waitress with two menus - both of which are covered in splotches of old grease and spaghetti sauce. Is this really the first impression you want to give people? I hope not! And that my friend is exactly what these menu covers are for. They keep your menus from getting dog eared and crinkled, but they also keep food and drinks off of them as well.

We would love to say our world is a perfect one, but unfortunately it just isn't, so it's important that as a restaurant, deli, or other food facility - that you take all the safety precautions necessary in keeping your investment up to par! This is even more important when it comes to menus that are more than one page - because we ALL know how much menu costs can get! So why not bring in a sense of comfort and also leave a lasting impression with something as easy as restaurant covers? All you have to do is simply insert the menu into the menu sleeves and you are ready to go!

Another great and very nice lasting impression component you should consider is genuine leather check covers. Not only are these nice to look at, but they also will include your logo or restaurant name, as well as all those necessary elements such as a check, credit card or cash "holder", pen holder and receipt holder. This is more about being organized, it's about being professional as well!

Do You Own A Restaurant Or Other Food Facility?

For those of us in the food industry we know that first impressions are everything! So when it comes time for you to start setting up your menu's you might want to start looking into menu covers. These very simple, yet very ingenious restaurant covers are going to be a superb option for your menu because of the mere presence of them. But, more importantly, these menu sleeves are also a really great way to keep your original plastic or paper menus of the utmost quality. This means saving you money. Menus aren't the cheapest thing in the world to create; first you have to find the right material, the right font, the right printer, etc.

By the time you come up with your actual menu, you may have spent anywhere between $2.00 per menu on up to $10.00 depending on how unique your colors and design in. So when it comes to those menus you want to "protect" them as much as you can from spills, oily residue, and food. This is where the menu sleeves really come in handy! You can find these menu covers in an array of sizes and shapes depending on what your menu looks like as well - something for everyone! Save your investment (both time and money) when it comes to these menus.

Also, you can try genuine leather check covers as well. These genuine leather check covers are also all about presentation and can be customized with just about any color you want along with your logo or restaurant on the front cover. These will also include a section to place the receipt, credit card or money, as well as a pen to sign the receipt with. This also gives a certain sense of organization and safety as well because everything isn't sitting out on the table for all to see!